Got Fat? Get Motivated! Inspire & Be Inspired

"Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far one can go." ~ T.S. Eliot 
Got Fat? Get Motivated! Inspire & Be Inspired! 

While the week comes to a close and Thanksgiving upon us I would like to take a moment to let everyone know what I am thankful for:

~My beautiful children who know how to make the simplest things special

~ Those that support me no matter what ~ my friends and family;especially my parents and sis.

~ Knowledge and a strong spirit ~ I was fortunate enough to continue my education and use my knowledge to help others.  I completed my education for me and for my children.  They need a strong role-model to look up to.  My strong spirit is evident in my will to never give-up and keep pushing forward ~ determination at its best.

~ Inspiration ~ I like to inspire others but most of all I am thankful to those who inspire me. 

~ Massages ~ Yes, I must pamper myself every now and again.  Although I would love to get one every other month; I have gotten about two massages this year.  I am working on getting them quarterly.   They are truly relaxing and take tension off of every part of your body.

~ The Holiday Season ~ I love traditional family get-togethers and meals. 

Inspiration is many things, but best defined as "a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul" (  To me this means seeing, hearing, interpreting the things that people do on another level, possibly a spiritual level.  Watching inspirational people makes one feel that they can do it too, and guess what you really can!  Inspiration is being positive, never giving up, finding the determination to keep moving forward.  There are so many inspirational people.  Children are inspirational, leaders are inspirational, authors, teachers, parents, anyone can be inspirational in their own way.  Always have a positive attitude to truly learn, grasp, and try hard at everything you do and you will inspire others and allow yourself to learn and be inspired by people, as well. Open your mind. What is inspiration to you? 

I was inspired to begin a new blog A young high school girl passed away allegedly due to bullying in my home-town Thursday of last week.  Each and every time I hear of these stories, I feel upset and saddened.  Please support my efforts and visit the site.  If you have a personal story to share please do so by emailing me at Your name can remain anonymous.  We must spread the message of bullying/anti-bullying.  Too many teens and young adults are dying over the pain they endure through bullying.  As a parent, I truly feel I must do something to reach out and I am being thanked and praised to do so; this makes it all the more better to move forward and make this a success.

As next week is a holiday, my posts will not be as frequent.  I am always looking for guest-blog articles and interviews.  I am still deciding on next weeks schedule but I promise it will be fun.  Monday I am running a shop with me entry which will include pre-Black Friday deals. 

Here is a sample: 
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Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

Stay Motivated!  Stay Determined! 
With Love,
Determined D.

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