Got Fat? Get Motivated! Let's Get This Contest MOVING!

 Got Fat? Get Motivated!  Let's Get this Contest Moving!

I have a few quick announcements. 

I decided to extend my weekly survey until next Wednesday.  I have received a good number of responses; but would like more opinions.  So far everyone is motivated, and have good things to say, please share with others!  With that being said, I am going to change tomorrow's topic to ~ the importance of cleaning/disinfecting gym equipment. 

Last but certainly not least.....the ~Step Into Sexy~ and Women's Health Magazine give away!   We have decided to make the rules easier. 

Many have already liked the Determined Diva FB fan page that's Step 1.  Step 2 is simply respond to today's blog entry and tell us ~ What makes you happy?  Please make your answer creative.  It does not have to be long, it can be one or two sentences but the most creative entry will be the grand prize winner.  2nd prize is good too! 

1)  Like my FB fan page ~ Determined Diva

2)  Comment on my happiness post ~ What Makes YOU Happy?

Don't forget about AVON as the product has been donated by S. Messier.  Those that are interested in learning more about the products please click here and join as a new customer.  They have some cute Holiday ideas! Sharon Messier ~ Avon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Men enter the contest!  You can give the prize away as a present! I will also change the subscription to Men's Health! 

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Determined D. xo  

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