Got Fat? Get Motivated! Let's Run

“Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” ~ Unknown

Got Fat? Get Motivated! Let's Run
by DD

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week so far.  I have to be extremely honest; for the past four weeks, my exercise routine has not been up to par. I need to get back into gear.  I have been attending an amazing weekly aerobics class since May, however, weekly isn't going to cut it.  I plan to start MT kickboxing again soon, and in the meantime I am planning to run and go to the gym. We can DO IT together.  Day One of running is today.  I may also start this great program with  beach body consultant ~ Jennifer Peele and Shakeology. 

Let's learn about the basics of running and how to start.  For starters, I personally am not into running on the treadmill, I like to run outdoors and I plan to unless snow stops me ;).  When that happens I will have a back-up plan; I will get on a plane and fly to visit CA or FL.  In all seriousness, I am extremely determined to get moving! 

How to Start ~ 3 important rules from ME

While I have ran before, I have not done it consistently.  I love to feel the wind in my face and enjoy nature around me.  What bothered me were my shins.  But, once I changed my sneakers and ran a couple more times; the pain went away.  Therefore, I know what to expect the first couple times. Some say the key to running is consistency. 

Rule 1:  Make a goal to be consistent.  A goal needs a plan.  I plan to run during the morning or early afternoon (when it is a little warmer).  I will be updating the goal area of the site, so I can be consistent.  Without a goal/plan, how will you be accountable? 

Rule 2:  Start Slow.  Enjoy the challenge but do not go overboard.  In doing some research about running, I am reading that it is difficult to start a running program.  I love challenges and going head first into them, but sometimes that means burnout which leads to giving up.  I am not going to let anyone give up!  

Rule 3: Reward yourself for a job well done.  This can be added into your plan to stick to your goal.  Do not make your reward food or dessert.  Maybe it can be a new shirt or workout outfit, a book, a massage ~ something YOU truly love. 

I am not a running expert, so I found some excellent sources and tips on how/why to start a running program.  Their highlights are:

Shoes are important.  I learned this on my own.  They are the only and most important equipment to running.  Treat yourself to well-made running shoes, your feet will thank you.

Stay motivated.  Visit me often and daily ~ especially if you find me motivating ;).  I post a motivational quote daily with all of my posts.  I also have a special section of motivational quote.  Your mindset should always be; no matter how you feel, if you believe it, you CAN do it!  Here is an additional quote for today: 

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”~ Mark Twain

Walk/Run is the way to start!  Even if you begin by running one minute. 

Running has a tremendous amount of health benefits ~ for your heart and stress level.  It also prevents disease.  (See 6 Reasons to start Running this is my favorite source).   

Let's get running! 

Tips on how-to Start Running:

6 Reasons to Start Running

Runner's World

The Couch to 5K


How to Start Running for Beginners

One additional note on yesterday's post:  My aunt wrote to me about my tribute to my grandmother and I thought I would share:  ~ The valve replacement surgery was in 1990 at Columbia Presbyterian. She went through it like a champ! Woke up right just as they were finishing up the surgery. The doctors said she wanted to make sure they did a good job. They promptly put her back to sleep.  That's my gram! 

Enjoy your Weekend! but don't forget to Get Moving!
Stay Determined!

DD ;) xo


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