Got Fat? Get Motivated! Presents: In the News

"The work of science is to substitute facts for appearances, and demonstrations for impressions." ~ John Ruskin 
Got Fat? Get Motivated! Presents: In the News

Hello.  Happy Monday.  I noticed some awesome headlines that I wanted to share with you.

Top story of the week, totally unrelated to health, exercise, or fitness but it's a must.  Kim Kardashian has been in the spotlight for being married for about 70 plus odd days.  Hollywood marriages are often said to be "fixed" or "scripted".  Even my ten-year-old daughter has been following this headline and she insists that they aren't getting divorced.  It is unbelievable how these Hollywood romances work, they seem surreal. 

What are your feelings about this topic?  Should these individuals be fined for causing such issues? I mean they were said to make millions on the wedding.  If it was scripted, don't you think that they should of pretended a little while longer?  On the other hand, if it was a real marriage shouldn't they have at least tried marriage counseling? Regardless of what happened, I think K. Kardashian should keep the ring.  Why? It was a token of affection, given to her as a gift. Enough about them, its time to get back into a healthy motivational fitness mode. 

Article One:  Do you follow food recalls?  Did you know about the the recent cantaloupe and spinach recalls? I am not going to go into details regarding those.  I will however, provide you with an excellent source to follow via twitter or web-link.  It is important to know about recalls, especially when you care for those with low or fragile immune systems, such as babies, small children, and the elderly. 

The article that made me think about food recalls is regarding moldy applesauce.  YUCK.  What upsets me the most about this article is that the processor (Snokist) repackaged it (over seven times) and sent it to schools. The products contained dangerous "multicolored molds".  

According to Aleccia(2011), "The latest warning came after FDA officials said Snokist failed to adequately address problems identified during a June inspection, which regulators found large, laminated bags of fruit products that were supposed to be sealed and sterile, but instead were broken open and tainted with white, brown, blue, blue-green and black mold."(pg. 1).  

Full Article Link:  Moldy Applesauce

You can never be too careful or safe when it comes to tainted food. Please keep these links handy.  I suggest adding them to your twitter feed and or subscribing to food recall and/or safety recall updates via your email.   

FDA Recalls ~ Twitter

FDA Web-link @ Twitter 

CDC Web-link

Article Two: The Freshman 15. Did you gain weight in college?  College can be a stressful experience; and some turn to food for comfort. But how much weight does one really gain?  The "freshman 15" is possibly a myth. 

Freshmen can now put their "worries" about weight gain aside. Only a minimal amount of students will gain 10 to 15 pounds. Scientist Jay Zagorsky(2011)reports,"the average student gains between 2.4 and 3.5 pounds freshman year. For women, the average weight gain was 3.1 pounds; for men it was 3.5 pounds" (MSNBC:Today Health).                                     

Zagorsky also urges people to stop using the term 'The Freshman 15' as many students already have enough stress about their body image. Why cause unnecessary worry or anxiety? My suggestion would be to promote physical fitness by adding special programs to college gyms; or make gym or some type of physical  fitness/activity a requirement. Exercise is extremely healthy, students should make exercise a habit or a part of their daily routine. "It isn't college that causes weight gain — it's becoming a young adult" ~ L. Flam.

Last but not least, I leave you with a heart-warming and inspirational video about a teen who we should all look up to.  Sometimes we take life for granted while there are many people struggling.  Never complain you have it bad.  Always believe in yourself and your dreams.  Reach for the stars!  You are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to regardless of who you are and stories like this prove it: 

Inspirational Teen as in Parenting Mag 

Side Note: Attention MEN: In general, the blog has been geared toward motivation and most of the posts are geared toward women and fitness.  I also want male readers/followers! So, this week two of the entries will be male-friendly. Ladies I need your help, too.  Like my blog?  Share with your significant other this week.  I want your opinions and ideas.  

Have a "Happy" Monday!  Stay Motivated!
Determined D.  

Bonus Quote:  "Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” ~ Unknown. 

Aleccia, J. (2011, Nov.). FDA. Moldy Applesauce repackaged by school lunch supplier. MSNBC. Link:Moldy Applesauce.

Flam, L. (2011, Nov.)'Freshman 15'officially just a myth, Study says. MSNBC. Link:Freshman 15      

Disclosure:  This entry is merely the opinion of the author.  The advice herewith should not be used in place of a medical professionals instructions.  The author will not be held liable for any decisions related to this article.  Nor does the author support the referenced articles' advice.  The author's sole purpose is to deliver information to the readers. 


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