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Hello.  I hope everyone has had a great weekend. While I have already pre-published this weeks topics and we will be sticking to the schedule this weeks pictures and daily quotes are going to be focused upon ~inspiration~!   I have been thinking about inspiration over the past weekend because it has so many diverse positive meanings.  I hope you are inspired the entire week/month/year/forever!  ENJOY! ~Be Powerful~!

Heart Health for Child/Teen Athletes:  Many young athletes suffer sudden death during physical activity, even when they have had no previous sickness, disease, or injury.  What can you do as a parent, friend, or relative?  Ask the doctor to check your loved one's heart (echocardiogram and EKG are much better tests rather than just listening to a heart with a stethoscope).  When I worked in the health care field, our hospital system offered "free heart screenings" once per year to children.
The thought of being able to do something to prevent sudden death should have parents running to the physician or cardiologist.  Sadly, 175 to over 200 teens die each year (from sudden death) due to heart issues that were never diagnosed (Teen Athletes).  Parents truly need to step in and be proactive.  Carroll (2011) reports, "In pre-season physicals for high school sports, fewer than 6 percent of doctors followed the potentially life-saving screening guidelines suggested by the American Heart Association, according to a report presented at the Heart Association’s annual meeting." (Teen Atheletes).  More alarming statistics per Carroll (2011) & MSNBC article include Teen-athletes-heart-risks study- Doctor's DON'T ask:

~ 28% didn't always ask if a teen had chest pain during exercise!
~ 22% didn't always ask if the teen ever experienced unexplained fainting
~26 % didn't always ask about a family history of early death
~ 67% didn't always ask about a family history of heart disease

Parents ASK, a person is not too young to have a problem, be informed!  Please click on any link above for the full article.  If you live in the tri-state area (NJ/NY/CT) email me privately at for information on the special heart exam program that runs once per year.

Another noteworthy NEWS story: 
Get your tissues!  This woman is truly amazing!  Gabrielle Giffords is the congresswoman who was shot during a political event just because of her political affiliation.  Gabrielle Giffords story will run this evening on ABC.  What keeps her going is Humor & Determination!  A true fighter!! She should be nominated for woman of the year!  Watch here:  A True Hero!

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