Got Fat? Get Motivated! Rate Determined D. Survey 11/2/2011

"It is never too late to be what you might have been" ~ George Eliot
Weekly Survey ~ Rate Me

Happy November!  Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here! A whole discussion for another day :).  

The reason for this week's survey is to find out what my readers want and to gauge how I am doing.  I have been pondering over changing some things on the site and I need your HELP.  So please take the survey and tell me what you think! 

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I had fun creating this survey.  I would appreciate honest answers so that I may deliver the best results and make changes to the site if need be.  Please DO NOT forget to enter the contest.  See this link:

Now, for the CANDY BAR survey results! 

First I must reveal the source of the Candy Bar survey idea!  The source of the Candy Bar survey idea was: Women's Health.   I truly love this magazine!  Check it out: Halloween Treats  If you enter the contest you have a chance to win a subscription to this great mag, so don't forget to enter! 

Which Candy Bar is "better" or "healthier" for you?

3 Musketeers vs. Milky Way
You said:  78.6% ~ 3 Musketeers (257 calories, 8 grams of FAT) vs. 21.4% ~ Milky Way (262  calories, 10 grams of FAT). 
Very close! 

Kit-Kat vs. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
You said:  53.8% ~ Kit-Kat (286 calories, 15 grams of FAT) vs. 46.2% ~ Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (232 calories, 14 grams of FAT)
Love this because Reese's are my favorite!

Butterfinger vs. Nestle's Crunch
You said:  42.9% ~ Butterfinger (275 calories, 11 grams of FAT) vs. 57.1% ~ Nestle Crunch (220 calories, 11 grams of FAT). 
And the winner is, Nestle Crunch! 

Almond Joy vs. Snickers
You said:  76.9% ~ Almond Joy (235 calories, 13 grams of FAT)  vs. 23.1% ~ Snickers (271 calories, 14 grams of FAT).

I prefer Snickers :(. 

100 Grand vs. Snickers
You said: 30.8%  ~ 100 Grand (201 calories, 8 grams of FAT) vs. 69.2% ~ Snickers (271 calories, 14 grams of FAT). 
Believe it or not, 100 Grand is the healthiest of all! 

Hope you enjoyed all of the CANDY BAR data.  I located this excellent source ~ What's in your Candy-bar? Check the labels of everything you eat.

Stay Determined,
Determined D xo  

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