Got Fat? Get Motivated! Topics of the Week 11/28/11

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Thomas Jefferson 

Topics of the Week ~ 11/28/11

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  Be sure to always thank those who you care about all year long. I show my love and thanks for those I care about by being generous, caring, and helpful.  It's also important to make people feel good about themselves. Tell those who you care for, often that they are doing a "good job", especially when they try their best.   

Over the weekend I decided to participate in the  Women's Health 21-day Challenge. The Holidays are not over and I want to be prepare for the upcoming ones, most importantly ~ the New Year.   

Monday ~ 11/28 ~ In the News
Tuesday ~ 11/29 ~ Positive Affirmations ~ Moving and Inspirational Quotes/Videos 
Wednesday ~ 11/30 ~ Thanksgiving Poll Results & New Poll
Thursday ~ 12/1 ~  Guest Blog or Article
Friday ~ 12/2 ~ Week 2 ~ 21 Day Challenge Details, Let's Focus

21-Day Challenge
I want everyone who wants to jump start a fitness/exercise routine to do this with me. No excuses.  If you have a regular exercise routine, add this, do not stop your normal routine.   

Walking is the simplest form of exercise; no equipment, with exception of a good pair of sneakers.  Walking is extremely effective as well, the results are evident.  We will be walking 7 days per week at all different paces.  I personally enjoy walking outdoors but this workout can be completed on a treadmill.  

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday will be "easy" walking.  For week 1, only 30 minutes at a good pace (not too fast, not too slow). 

Tuesday & Thursday will be "interval" walking.  Week 1 walk will be for 18 minutes. To do this you must walk for 4 minutes at a moderate pace; then alternate with 30 second speed intervals.  This should be repeated 4 times. 

Saturday ~ "Speed" walk for 20 minutes.  Don't stop, don't slow down. 

Sunday ~ Take a "Long" walk for 40 minutes.  Just relax and focus.  Walk at a comfortable speed. For Sunday, I am going to walk my usual 2 miles and increase gradually as the weeks go by.  

We don't get away with just walking.  It is also recommended that light body sculpting exercises be completed three times per week. There are two workouts that vary just in the reps and sets.  Very simple, I promise.   The body sculpting exercises should be completed on the "easy" walking days ~ Monday, Wednesday, & Friday! 2 days are recommended for beginners, I would suggest Monday and Friday.  Please review the exercises here: 


Get rest because tomorrow we begin. 

No Excuses!  Let's do this!
Determined D. xo

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