Got Fat? Get Motivated! Did you Know?

"There's more to the truth than just the facts."  ~ Author Unknown

Got Fat? Get Motivated!...Did You Know?
by Determined D

Let's have some fun. I have come across some fun facts/myths in the November edition of Women's Health.  

True or False If you have the cold or flu you should get rid of your tooth brush once you recover?  False.  I was very surprised at the answer.  I was always taught to boil hot water and dip the toothbrush in the water to get rid of the germs and or replace my toothbrush when I was sick.  According to Women's Health (2011), "Your immune system builds up antibodies to protect itself from the virus that you have" (pg. 78).  

Is it safer to kiss someone or shake their hand when they are sick?  It's safer to kiss someone rather than to shake their hand, according to a microbiologist via Women's Health.  The hands contain many different germs. 

Eating Out
Who doesn't love to eat out?  I do!  I also tend to go to the restaurants or places that have the calories displayed on the menu.  If I know the restaurant menu will not have the calories, at times, I check their website before I go.  I utilize it as a helpful guide not to overeat, but should I?  According to nutritionist Bethany Thayer, R.D. (2011), "40% of 269 restaurant dishes that were analyzed, contained more calories than were advertised" (pg. 36).  Why?  Portions are not always properly measured. Do not eat the entire portion!  I generally eat half of what is on my plate, replace fries with a veggie, and drink water rather than a calorie filled beverage.   Your body will thank you! 

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References:  Women's Health Magazine (Weight Loss Special), November 2011 pgs. 36 & 78.   


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