Got Fat? Get Motivated! Nothing is Impossible

"Everything is possible....Nothing is impossible" ~ The Secret

Nothing is impossible.  I discovered 'The Secret' several months ago, or perhaps about one year ago.  The Secret is a must see for everyone.  The movie helps one realize that everything happens based upon ones thoughts and feelings and of course that everything is POSSIBLE. 

The best part about it is that you can control your thoughts and feelings and "attract" what you want in life.  I truly believe in the power of 'The Secret'.  If I am upset or having a bad day, at times I re-watch parts of the to remind myself how important it is to control thoughts and actions.  I even tell others, especially my close friends, to be positive and watch 'The Secret'.   

This doesn't mean never stand your ground.  I will be the first person to admit that I am, at times, a huge push over, especially with the ones I love.  Being positive and being walked all over are two different things.  So even though you are a positive person that doesn't mean saying 'yes' to everybody and everything.  Its extremely important not to mix up the two.  It also doesn't mean you will never feel sad or angry, it is how you handle these emotions is what will be important.  If something makes you angry step back for a second and change what your doing or thinking, don't dwell on it, or you will have a bad day for the entire day. Move forward not backward.   

For 2012, let's all apply 'The Secret' to our lives and report back mid-year.  I am sure great things will be happening!  One of my biggest goals in 2012 is to be more fit and healthy and I know I can DO IT! 

Be inspired and share inspiration with others.

Check out the first quarter of 'The Secret' here.  I rent it from 'Netflix'. 

With love always,
~ D


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