Got Fat? Get Motivated! Spread Happiness & Holiday Miracles

"Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles." ~ Edwin Louis Cole

Spread Happiness & Holiday Miracles

This is the season for giving.  Make people smile this season.  I believe in making people smile through small acts of kindness throughout the year.  It makes me feel good inside to see someone smile and be happy, especially those who I love.  Spend time with those who you love and care about this Holiday.  With that, I would like to share a couple of Holiday miracles. 

The following is a great story of hope, love, and belief. A twin baby girl, only given a 40% chance of survival now a beautiful little girl full of life.  She and her twin brother came home in time for Christmas!   Warms my heart. 

Losing a child is every parents nightmare, even for a split second.  A toddler left his home, fortunately he was found almost 24 hours later; alive and well.  Thank goodness! 

Added bonus: 

Happy Holidays!  Don't forget to make someone smile :).
Always Believe,
~D xo


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