Don't Wait! Make a Choice to Stop Smoking Today!

Don't Wait!  Make a Choice to Stop Smoking Today! 

Over the past couple of years many corporations, restaurants, and bars have adopted anti-smoking policies.   Smoking manufacturers have made their health warnings extremely bold and stores, by law, must check customer ids to make sure that they are not selling tobacco products to minors. The price of cigarettes continues to rise, so  why continue to smoke? With all the negative factors and health risks of smoking blatantly apparent, smoking is extremely addicting and individuals feel that they cannot STOP. 

Ten years ago, close to eleven, my father quit smoking.  He was able to quit "cold-turkey".  He made a solid, lasting decision, the day my daughter was born.  My dad's father died from lung cancer as did some of his uncles.  I will never forget the story:  Although I don't condone littering, my dad threw his cigarettes out of the window on the way to visit my daughter and I in the hospital and has not smoked since.  Kudos to him and many who have already quit!  Quitting, cold-turkey, however, is not the norm.

Don't wait until the next Great American Smokeout to quit, stop smoking todayHELP and SUPPORT is readily available to all.  Concentrate on your health and all of the negative risk factors associated with smoking: cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and strokes.  The Center for Disease Control publishes health warnings and statistics on smoking and tobacco products.  Looking at the CDC's data may be a good point to start. Think of your health and your loved ones and take the first step today, make a decision to get the support that you need, you CAN do it! 


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