Got Fat? Get Motivated! Just A Quick Hello: The Best It Yet to Come

2012 - "This year is going to be amazing for all that will let it be amazing."  ~ D. Arevalo

Just a Quick Hello ~ The Best is Yet to Come!
by Dana A.  

Over the past several weeks I have been extremely busy.  I truly miss blogging.  It is my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings in an effort to motivate and connect with others. 

This year is going to be amazing for all that will let it be amazing.  I know I have mentioned this before, however, it is definitely worth repeating, we all have choices.  My favorite quote about choices states ~ "When something bad happens you have three choices:  You can either let it define you, destroy you, or strengthen you" ~ Unknown.  Turn the negative into positive, it doesn't happen overnight. I know we are faced with difficult decisions and it takes time, will, desire, motivation, and strength to move forward and turn it into something positive.  It is all about your state of mind and what you "chose" to do. Once you realize it is your decision, you can begin to move forward.  I believe in letting negative things - strengthen you. We are learning every day. We must focus on what we truly want.   

I haven't always felt that choices were positive opportunities. Today, I feel that dwelling on negativity or bad things is a true waste of time and energy.  Today, I find choices and change as opportunities or a fresh start.  Things happen for a reason.  It is never to late to move forward and make choices opportunities for new beginnings and positive energy. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I promise to be back very soon.

~ D

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  1. Welcome back! Miss you!

  2. Awe. Thank you it means a lot! I do it to reach out to others. I hope you find my writing meaningful and worthwhile. If you would like me to discuss something specific please email me or respond here.



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