Luminaze Your Skin with Determined D.

Luminaze Your Skin with
Determined Diva

This week I am on a mission reviewing different skincare products.  All of which get my full endorsement. It is extremely important to have healthy, radiant, and luminous skin.  I personally stopped going in the sun without a strong SPF and sun-bathing in my mid-twenties.  I try to follow in my mothers footsteps, as she looks amazing in her ummm, late forties.   All kidding aside, experts say, sun, even from one bad sun-burn, can damage  your skin.    

Luminaze can help with age spot removal, sun spots plus much more.  It contains an enzyme that targets the skins melanin.  Melanin is responsible for the skins pigmentation. Luminaze is said to be safe and effective for all skin types.  It helps even skin tone and transform your skin making it look beautiful.        

Luminaze is featured by select celebrities,  stores such as Nordstrom, and magazines such as Hello Canada.  It is definitely worth a try!

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