Contest Update ~ Still time to Enter!

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Contest Update ~ Still time to Enter!
Winners to be announced 3/2/12
Happy Wednesday!  Got Fat? has quickly reached 11,000+ hits after announcing our contest two weeks ago.

Contest  update. Don't wait to enter our contest we currently have nine individuals who have already entered.  All contestants have truly presented great quotes.  I love quotes, they give me the opportunity to apply them to my life and they help me think of things  in a different light. Life's lessons are important and it makes a difference when we learn from them.  Our attitude makes a difference, so read a quote or more per day and put some perspective into your life.  Help others see things in a different light.  Motivation is contagious.  If you motivate just one person and that person motivates someone else, it will continue and make a positive impact on all. 

On Thursday, we will discuss the results of the Murphy's Law survey and some of my feelings about Murphy's Law.  

I am also looking forward to another Friday with J. Peele and a Mother's Fintness2Love.  Can't wait see last week's post on portions and eating healthy.   Fitness 2 Love  

Have a good week and stop by often. 
Warm Regards,
Dana & Jenn too :). 


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