Network with Got Fat? Get Motivated!: Brand Yourself

"We are all gifted. That is our inheritance." Ethel Waters
Network with Got Fat? Get Motivated: Brand Yourself

I have been extremely fortunate in being able to meet great women and men through blogging, networking, and just getting out there and talking to people.  Everyone I have come across are truly talented and have given me some awesome advice and ideas.  I'm extremely busy and need some help! 

I have been a guest blogger on other sites and love it.  More importantly I have been asked recently to be a contributor to one of my mentors blogging site.  I am honored because she is a professional writer and editor and has given me compliments on my writing.    I also have to brag that yesterday, Dannon, the yogurt company, who has 17,000 plus followers on Twitter are now following me.  I thought that was impressive as they are only following 250 individuals and I am one :). 

I am looking for guest blog articles, guest blog interviews, and some regular contributors to the site.  If you have a business I will help you with my ideas and we can market on my site.  I have a couple of things lined up in the next couple of weeks but please contact me if you have an idea or want to help.  

Get your gift out there ~ let's network!  It's extremely important when trying to sell a product or service to get the word out and brand yourself.  You need a competitive advantage, a reason WHY customers should chose YOU over the competition.   

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