Please Support Me

Please Support Me

"People with goals succeed because they know where they're going." Earl Nightingale
When I have a goal, no matter how long it takes, I succeed.  I knew when I was in school going for my undergraduate degree I wanted to enroll in  a MBA program, therefore, the month after I graduated, I enrolled in an MBA program and finished within two years.  It took a lot of discipline and determination, two things I feel I need to work on.  No matter how much I may complain (because I do complain) I kept moving forward toward my goal which turned into a great accomplishment. People may wonder "How" and "Why" and I feel "Just Do".  If you have your heart set on something put a plan in action and keep going.  

My new goal is writing part-time.  When I was small I wanted to be an author of children's books.  I believe I still may have the first story I wrote.  I was writing a book titled, "Books for Kids by Kids".   Professors have also complimented my writing, as well as teachers.  I scored a perfect score on a writing achievement test.  I've been blogging, writing guest blog articles, and joined Yahoo! Contributor Network (love to write).  With that, please help to support my efforts.  If you enjoy my blog and follow it please view my articles and comment.  I've written about relationships and parenting.  I am also in the process of writing something for my anti-bullying blog and some fiction. 

Later today I will also post a guest blog article that I submitted today ~ "The SuperNanny - Fact or Fiction."

MY ARTICLES view both Yahoo! Voices and Yahoo! Shine

Join me in my new goal ~ I will be successful.

With much appreciation,
Dana xo

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