Reminders: Please Support

"Fine manners need the support of fine manners in others." ~ R. Waldo Emerson 
Reminders ~ Please Support

Good evening all.  Getting ready to prepare dinner.  Monday through Thursday my family and I are extremely busy doing activities.  I find it easier to have our meals planned out ahead of time as it avoids those "fast-food" stops.  I've actually come a long way when it comes to "fast-food".  Years ago, four - five years, we would eat fast food once or twice per week.  Very bad and disgusting habit.  Fast-food has a ton of fat content and calories.  I briefly read somewhere yesterday that Burger King in Washington, D.C. is going to begin test delivering to customers homes ~ Very Bad Idea!  (I will try to find the article to link in my next post). 

I need everyones help and support.   If you haven't done so already, please take my survey.  It is very short and the follow-up post is going to be interesting and worth the read.  CLICK HERE to complete survey

We've hit 10,000 viewers, please check back by Friday I will have the contest rules and details.  Still determining the prizes. Second prize will definitely be a magazine subscription.  I welcome all entries...share my survey and contest with friends. 

I appreciate your help and support in advance.  Everyone is a winner! 

Have a wonderful evening,
~ Dana xo


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