A to Zs of Being Happy

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."  ~ Franklin Roosevelt

A to Zs of Being Happy

I am having an extremely stressful day today. One of those days where you feel  like "what's next", almost like a Murphy's Law day, but I don't believe in Murphy's Law.  So, I decided to change it around.  I recently saw a great picture on the A to Z's of being happy.  I will post it below.  I've created my own version of A to Zs of being happy. 

Action ~ Take action and face your problems. 
Beautiful ~ Everyone is beautiful, own it. 
Caring ~ Always be caring to others.
Daring ~ Be bold, take a dare.  
Excitement ~ Do something exciting, plan a fun day with a friend. 
Friendship ~ Hold on to true friends, ones that are always there for you. 
Genuine ~ Be genuine to yourself and others.
Happy ~ Look for things that make you happy every day!
Intelligence ~ Don't be afraid to show everyone what you know.
Joy ~ Find the joy in the simple things in life, like a child's smile or someones accomplishment. 
Kiss ~ Give loved ones lots of kisses and hugs xoxo.
Love ~ Love others how you want to be loved.
Marvelous ~ Look your best every day, even when you don't feel that way.
Never ~ Never settle for less than what you are worth.
Organize ~ Organize your life, it will prove to be less stressful.
Passionate ~ Be passionate.
Quiet ~ Look for a quiet place, at least once per day.  Take the time to relax and breathe even if it's for five minutes.
Respect ~ Always respect others wishes and points of view even if you don't agree.
Sleep ~ Get lots of sleep, you will feel and look better.  
Time ~ Practice time management, it helps with organization.
Understanding ~ Take the time to be understanding and empathetic.
View ~ View life with a positive mindset and outlook. 
Wish ~ Wish upon a star, dreams do come true especially when you take actions to follow goals.
Xciting ~ Be exciting and creative, think outside the box. 
Year Long ~ Be positive and happy all year long.  You have the ability to change your mood around.
Zone Out ~ Work hard, exercise, then relax at the end of the day and zone out.

Have a great evening!  Looking forward to Friday's with a Fitness2Love.  Don't forget to enter our contest. 

With love and appreciation,
Dana xo

What makes you happy? Please share!  


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