Welcome February, Valentine's Day, & American Heart Month

"The thousand mysteries around us would not trouble but interest us, if only we had cheerful, healthy hearts." ~ Friedrich W. Nietzsche

Welcome February
Happy Valentine's Day & American Heart Month! 
by Dana R. Arevalo

I love February for three reasons:  my birthday, Valentine's Day, and American Heart Month! 

February is a very busy month for me.  Busy is good.  Over the past week, I've been writing my heart out for Yahoo! Shine.  If you enjoy writing the service is open to anyone, assigned articles will be sent to an editor for review and approval.  I've written four articles so far, three have been published and I am waiting on the fourth.  If you enjoy my writing please review my other work:  Dana's Articles

Valentine's Day is not only for lovers ;).  Valentine's Day, to me, is showing those who you love, whether it be your children, your best friend, a close friend or a relative that you love and appreciate them.  Love yourself ~ Do something special for yourself on Valentine's Day.  Start a new exercise program,  a new exercise routine, buy yourself a cute workout outfit, or go to get a massage.  I love massages, they help you relax your mind and body. My plan for Valentine's Day is to get my children something small and take my sister with me to my kickboxing class.  Check with your gym or facility that you work out at if they have a special for the day or week for either V-day or American Heart month.  Another idea would be to get someone a membership to the gym or the facility where you love to workout.   It is a great way to spend time with them while working toward the goal of being more healthy in 2012. 

During American Heart Month take some time to learn more about heart health.  It is extremely important to take care of your heart.  Regardless of your age, your heart health, is vital.  There are many types of exercise that will help improve or continue to keep your heart healthy.  Also, be sure to get a yearly physical including blood work to check your cholesterol as high cholesterol can affect your heart negatively.  

Do you smoke?  If the answer is "yes",  you might consider quitting for your heart health and overall health in general.  Many people realize that they need to quit, however, they feel that they cannot break the habit.  Over the years, support and help to stop smoking has increased.     See your employer, many employers offer smoking cessation programs free of cost.  Your employer pays "less" money for your insurance when their working population is "healthier". 

Finally, we are almost at 10,000 hits!  Please consider entering my contest for 10,000 HITS.  10,000 HITS Contest! 

With love and appreciation ~
Dana xo


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