Confidence is Vital to Success

"Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence."  Vince Lombardi
Confidence is Vital to Success

by Dana Arevalo

Emulate confidence. Emulate self-worth. Emulate trust. Emulate assurance. No one can hand you confidence.  You yourself have to believe in yourself and follow through.  There are various different meanings of confidence, one being, the quality of being certain. One cannot be certain until they try and try until they get it right.  The problem lies when someone decides to give up because they feel that they cannot get it right. The previous sentence where you give-up should not be an option; it should NEVER be an option.  Keep doing it, keep tyring, mistakes will happen.  Make those mistakes until you are able to do that exercise, speech, your job, any decision etc. with certainty. 

Some may think confidence is being stuck-up, conceited, or cocky.  Its really not.  It depends upon ones attitude.  Confidence is not being mean to others, its knowing what you are able to do, giving it your all, doing it with certainity, and being able to help others achieve their goals.  If someone thinks you are being conceited or cocky, so be it, they have the issue not you. 

I want you, yes you, to realize that the only person that can get in the way of you and confidence is yourself.  Throw CANNOT out of the window, try, practice, and emulate confidence!  Follow these thoughts and you will always be successful. 

Always believe in your abilities and follow through. 

Kind Regards,

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