Direct from the Lab: Teeth are Important, Too

Direct from the Lab
Teeth Are Important, Too

Good Morning.  Hope everyone slept well.  With all the time that we take keeping ourselves healthy, fit, and looking our best, at times we can neglect our teeth.  Do you grind your teeth at night? Ask your significant other, most often the sound is loud enough to wake them up.  The proper dental term for teeth grinding is bruxism.   Other tell tale signs of bruxism/teeth grinding may be slight headaches, sensitivity hot/cold, and jaw pain.  When one grinds their teeth it places a tremendous amount of pressure and weight upon the teeth ultimately wearing them down.  Purchasing a dental night guard can protect your teeth from wear and tear. 

A dental night guard can be extremely expensive when purchased directly through a dentist.  In fact, the price is often inflated as the dentist often makes a profit from the  sale of the night guard.  Purchase a custom dental night guard from a DIY (do-it yourself) supplier.  The sponsor reports:  Right now you can purchase our standard soft night guard for as little as $34.95 to $53.95, compared to $400-$1000 if you were to purchase from a dentist.  Some other DIY dental items include:  teeth whitening systems and athletic mouth guards PLUS much more!

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