Doctors Coach ~ Gail Gazelle, MD

Doctors Coach
Gail Gazelle, MD

Not one person is exempt from burnout or exhaustion in the work place.  Burnout happens when a work-life balance is not present.  My  motto has always been, you must separate life and work from each other. When you are at work focus on work related tasks and vice versa when you are at home.  Physicians and medical personnel often work double shifts and have no time to enjoy their personal and family lives.  I could not imagine a physician near falling asleep or in a poor mood during my visit and or treatment. 

Dr. Gail Gazelle can help.  Similar to a life coach, Dr. Gail Gazelle is a Doctors Coach.  Dr. Gazelle coaches medical doctors, and professionals to find a perfect balance between their work and home life.  She helps her clients set specific goals so that they can lead happier, less stressful work and home lives.   At times, people just need that extra push and a boost in confidence.  The best part about working with Dr. Gazelle, is the fact that she is an expert in her field, as she has personally been a physician and learned these techniques through experience. 

Contact Dr. Gazelle for a free consultation.  She can help you find  that perfect Physician Work-Life Balance that fits into and changes their lifestyle. 

Dr. Gail Gazelle, an Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School, provides one-to-one coaching to physicians, physician executives, doctors, and nurses to create positive change in their life, relationships, and career.


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