Exercise and Sex

"Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate." ~Author Unknown

Warning:  May contain explicit content. *Mom do not read ! 

Exercise and Sex
by Dana R. Arevalo

I have been told by my friends that at times I may say things that no one would think to say, out-loud. I consider it  speaking my mind and being bold.  Today you will thank me for being bold as we will discuss SEX and EXERCISE. 

It isn't a secret that individuals who are physically fit are also extremely "fit" in the bedroom, as well (and that is where exercise gets dirty).  Well not so dirty but intriguing, fascinating, intense, exciting, need I say more? 

The idea for this article came about on Tuesday when I came across an article in Women's Health Magazine:  Have a Coregasm I hope my mom isn't reading this, however, I believe this is real.  I experienced it for the first time last year.  I thought something was wrong but I guess not ;).  I guess you just have to keep an open mind and enjoy if it happens.  The best part about it is you will be working on getting sexy abs so that you can endure more.   Google exercise induced orgasms and report back.  It was been all over the Internet since Tuesday. 

All in all, exercise and being physically fit helps sex in more ways than just having a coregasm.  It boosts confidence.  Makes one feel hot, sexy, and love to show their body off to their partner and look in the mirror at themselves.  Its a no brainer exercise increases endurance, strength, flexibility, think  about it. 

Check in again with us soon.


psst....there are also some positions that can be used in more ways then one (maybe I will touch upon that in a future  post). Be imaginative, don't forget SEX can be considered exercise because one burns off calories while in the act, literally. 


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