Got Fat? Health Corner:Prostate Cancer

Got Fat? Health Corner:Prostate Cancer

by Dana Arevalo

It's time to get serious about your health and well-being. Many people avoid the doctor until they experience an issue or a symptom. Avoidance can lead to advanced disease and serious medical problems. Prevention is the key to avoiding many diseases. Yearly physicals are necessary and may catch the beginning stage of progressive disease, such as diabetes, cancer, or high blood pressure.  Today, we will focus on men's health and prostate cancer.

Physicians suggest that men begin yearly testing for prostate cancer as early as 40 to 45 years old if a family history of prostate cancer is present and 50 years old for all other males. They utilize a blood test called PSA (prostate specific antigen) which is utilized to detect the level of protein that the prostate produces in the blood.  An elevated level indicates that prostate cancer may be present, however, there are other possibilities that would have to be ruled out with your urologist or health care professional. 

If one is diagnosed with prostate cancer there are various treatment options.  So early detection is necessary as it may increase your options and survival rate.  One highly effective non-invasive treatment option may be HIFUHIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound.   The treatment focuses on sending ultrasound waves to the prostate area via a probe device and rapid heat elevation in an effort to destroy the cancerous prostate tissue.  Contact your health care provider today to see if you are a candidate for HIFU

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