How to work out with a baby?

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As I talk to other mothers, I tend to hear “It’s hard working out with a baby”.
It’s true, I agree, It can be hard work out with a baby who needs mommy attention all the time. But the bottom line is if there is a will there is a way. If you truly are ready to lose that baby fat or gain muscle you will MAKE TIME,,,,FIND A WAY,,, to work out.  I have a friend who TRUST ME had a busy life! Bust she was determined to lose weight she started working out Right after work( she is a teacher) in her class  room before heading home to her duties as a mother and wife.

The prefect thing about Beachbody is that their fitness programs are home workout videos! So convenient for busy mothers who can’t even spear the travel time TO THE GYM.  Each Program comes with step by step instructions making your fitness journey easier.

As my son got older, I noticed how difficult it was to workout…but I found a way (Read My Success story here). IF your health, your wellbeing is a priority then you will find a way around this obstacle!

TIPs- How do us mothers work out when our cute babies need us?
1. Work out before the babies wake up....ya I know that it is really early since our babies wake up at 7am. But if you go to sleep early and your motivated,  it’s possible! !!!!!
2. Work out when it is their bed time. Most babies go to bed is in there nature too. Take this advantage and work out during this time.
3. Go out for a stroll....babies’ loves getting out! Go out for a jog with the stroller...
4. Work out during nap time...babies take three to two naps a day...about an hour to two hours long...which is long enough to pop in a video and break a sweat
5. Hire a teenage babysitter to watch your kids. Usually teenage babysitters are only 5$ an hour.
6. Find other mommies to work out with, this way the babies can play with each other as the mommies are working out.
7. Get your husband or other family to play with your baby while you work out.

Please share,, how do you work out with a baby?=)

Jennifer Peele
A Mother's Fitness2love
Helping others find a love for fitness.


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