Sexy for Summer Challenge!

Challenge for YOU to enjoy, succeed in,
and finally be able to scream “I Love being Healthy!”

The formula? Fitness + nutrition + support = success!

Want to get into the best shape of your life? Join Our Sexy For Summer Challenge group! It's a 30 day, challenge of following a Beachbody Fitness program of your choice. It's the easiest way to achieve your goals ever.

And as an added incentive, you’ll be able to participate in The Beachbody Challenge contest. All you have to do is log our workouts online at for a chance to win $500 every day—and submit your "before" and "after" photos for a shot at the $100,000 Grand Prize.
By Joining this challenge you'll be part of our exclusive Facebook Group! You'll be one of five likeminded people. We'll track our progress along the way, hold each other accountable, and motivate, inspire, and encourage each other to achieve amazing results. It's easy!

During this challenge you will commit to, Following your Fitness Program, be accountable in our exclusive Facebook Group, and Drink Shakeology every day.

Spots will fill up quickly—and you don't want to wait till the next group! When you're ready, just visit my Web site at Team Beachbody and follow the Challenge Pack banner to sign up. Or call or email me ( and I'll walk you through the process.

Each Challenge Pack includes, A Fitness Program of your choice, shakeology, 30-days club membership, free shipping, your personal coach (ME), and a support group!

Decide, Commit, and contact me now!

visit my Web site at Team Beachbody and follow the Challenge Pack banner to sign up.

Message me at with any questions.


  1. Jen,

    Honestly and truly "love" working with you. I want to be sexy for the summer!!!! Better yet I want to run or exercise on the beach and flaunt my sexiness with confidence and poise.

    Nothing is more sexy than feeling confident and being fit and healthy. I am not sure what entry I like better, I think this may be my fav so far from you.

    Everyone keep dropping in...Got Fat? has what it takes to motivate you, support you, and make you want to get "sexy" for the summer.

    Sexiness is a state of mind...once you get your mind will be motivated to get your body to follow. Keep following us we will get you there.


  2. Thanks! That means a lot to me. I enjoy being part of ur blog.

    Feeling sexy and beautiful is what makes us look good in a bikini! For me I only feel sexy when I'm healthy which is why I love fitness so much. :)


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