Obsessed With Abs

Yes...I am. I am obsessed with getting abs. Why? At one point in my life I almost had them and furthermore I think abs are the deciding factor of how serious of a commitment one has to fitness and exercise. They also look damn good on both men and women; alike.

I'm on a good path to getting them. It's not easy. But as I see them form I feel more confident in my ability to be disciplined, especially with nutrition. I literally look down at my stomach at times and say to myself...Do you really want to ruin all of your hard work?? NO way.

One of my biggest concerns was am I doing the correct abdominal exercises? I did a little research and apparently I am! Was very proud of myself!!! The lower abdominal muscles are the hardest to achieve. Based upon experience I know this!!! They are said to store the most FAT. During every kickboxing class we target this area. Now I must incorporate some of these exercises into my running routine on off days. Can't wait!

My two favorites are: scissors and planking. YES planking, but don't plank just anywhere! Check this web page out...it contains several lower ab exercises.

My recommendation would be to do 4 sets of 12 at least 4 times per week. Although at kickboxing we often do 100 plus! Start slow and work your way up! But DO IT, No excuses!

I enjoyed writing this entry! 

An ab picture will be available later in the week.

1 week down 11 to go!

Enjoy Your Day!

Dana & Got Fat? Xoxoxoxo


  1. wow nice cool site. i will start this. before doing this excercise can we take some food or in empty belly we have to do this excercise. Thanku so much i am tired of my lower belly.

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