Run, Don't Look Back

Good Morning.

For the past four days I've been running. I am a beginner. I was experimenting with jogging/running since last Spring. Nothing to serious. Actually, I had some good friends whom were avid runners. So I had to try.

I am happy I tried. And, this season I'm becoming fabulous at it. Ok. I can't brag too much yet. I will say however, running is awesome. The results sexy muscular legs, butt, abs you name it. Running increases your stamina and endurance for other exercises. At kickboxing I feel extra energy. More importantly, I feel like I can't stop.

I encourage everyone to run. Get a good app to track your progress. I use Map My Run. Again I'm a beginner but by Fall my long term goal is to run 8 min miles, I have faith! I envy runners who run 7 plus miles per hour.

Run today!!! No excuses!!

Last evening, I ran and the view was amazing....see below. That in of itself should be a reason to get out there.

D xo

Oh, and I almost forgot! Good music keeps you focused. A goal in mind also motivates me.


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