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Thank God I'm Fabulous
by DRA

Good Morning.  I hope everyone had the opportunity to check out Jennifer Peele's post this morning on the p90x.  If you haven't done so, don't miss out. 

Everyone should have TGIF embedded in their mind.  We are all fabulous for different reasons, don't ever let anyone tell you different.  I am the first to admit I am disciplined in my exercise routine but while I am doing better each day it is my struggle to be disciplined in nutrition.  Next week we have some exciting things coming up.  Monday - Tai discusses Fitness As A Way of Life. Tuesday - I review a new fitness app.  Wednesday - possibly a name-change contest announcement/survey. I also have two interviews in the works. 

We are approaching the one-year anniversary of Got Fat? and are debating over a name change.  How do you feel about a different name?  I am going to conduct a brief survey and possibly another give-away associated with the name change.  Got Fat? also is organizing an ab contest - more to come on that as well.

Remember everyone is fabulous and anything is achievable. Get there and DO it! 

Everyone's Mantra should be:  Thank God I'm Fabulous....

Go hard or go HOME (explicit language warning for video below)


Much LOVE and appreciation always,
D & Got Fat?


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