Waking Thoughts

My thoughts.

Good Morning.

Yesterday's sunrise was very inspirational to me. Beautiful and powerful. I also participated in a relatives MS Walk, for the third year in a row. I decided to run, to practice my running. Loved it. I wanted to keep going. There is nothing like it; good music, beautiful weather, great cause and many thankful people.

If no one inspires you, you are not appreciating those around you. Seeing these people in wheelchairs and those who were walking with their families support, I felt moved and proud to be there. These people do NOT complain they are thankful to be alive, thankful and appreciative of life.

Get your ass, out of bed and create your life. One filled with motivation, leadership, love, friendship, selflessness, AND exercise!!! Don't feel sorry for people; empathize with them. Show them your appreciation by supporting their cause...!

Don't disappoint me, more importantly don't disappoint yourself!

Please enjoy the beautiful pictures I was able to take along the way.

Dana aka Determined D ;) xo


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