Welcome Monday

Happy Monday!
by Dana R. Arevalo
aka "Determined D"

Good Morning,

Got Fat? or maybe Dana has been thinking a lot all weekend, maybe too much thinking. While I love my writing and sites; I am struggling with the question, who is our target market and what message do we want to bring to them. I am as well being pulled in several different directions and feel strongly about each one. Some questions that have been popping up are: Do I have the correct format? Are people enjoying the content? Are they finding our advice helpful? I've got a bunch of thinking to do.

At the end of the day, however, my true goal is motivation. I want someone to be able to wake up in the am and see our postings and entries and think, "Damn, I want to be successful and achieve my goals with Got Fat?". Or if they have a bad day, open up their news feed at their desk read and say, "That makes sense" - let me follow and try it.

One of my biggest fears is "disappointment". With that said, Got Fat? will never "disappoint" you or let you down. Stick with us and you will get results. One goal for the month April for me and the site is to be more organized. So what's up for this week:

Two fun/motivational interviews....a book review...healthy meals for Easter....& Friday's with Jennifer :).

Fitness Goal Update: I have stuck to my "kickboxing" goal; with the rare exception of two weeks, I have been to my kickboxing class two times per week since the beginning of January. The exception was not laziness, scheduling issues and on those weeks I attended at least once. I am also still working on push/pull/legs split and running routine. I'm extremely determined...and will be revealing abs in maybe 12 weeks. Did 100 plus crunches last week during a kickboxing routine and like what I saw in the mirror. Shout out to Guerrero MMA their classes, motivation and kick-ass instructors gave me the "foundation" for an awesome body.

Wanted: Someone to help with Nutrition! This is my biggest weakness. Contact me at danaarev@gmail.com   I am also looking for someone well maybe more than one person who is fitness/goal-oriented/motivated to HELP with blogging. I have a special announcement coming, possibly this week.

Contest: Please enter our free giveaway: Enter Here
Once 15,000 was announced last week we are now at 15,800 plus - 16,000 + by the end of the day! Simple entry - Review us honestly and get a small reward as a token of your generosity and support.

Get out there today and exercise!
Love and Support always,
Dana & Got Fat? Xo

I'm also considering doing a name change of the site, looking for sponsors to host contest. danaarev@gmail.com


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