Awesome Fitness Bloggers on Google Plus

Awesome Fitness Bloggers
by DRA

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone is well. 

I came across a post on Google plus that I felt  was worth the share.  25 of the top fitness bloggers.  Fitness is a way of life, it keeps one moving forward.  Fitness and exercise has a wealth of benefits ~ physical, mental, spiritual ~ so on and so forth.  Start today, incorporate fitness into your daily routine.  Find something that fits you well and get addicted. 

There are so many activities out there, find one that works, and remember anything is possible.  Never get discouraged, try and change.  It is okay to modify your routine.  The important part is to start a routine.  It can be tweaked later.  Never be afraid to ask for advice.  Most importantly, always be inspired, motivated, and thankful. 


PS:  My favorite activities are kickboxing (MMA) and running by far. 


  1. Everything is possible! Right on....its a motto we've been using in our boot camp fitness group as a means of motivation.

    1. Alexander,

      I love group fitness activities! Working out in a group for some at times is more motivational. My favorite saying is "Impossible is Nothing" so yes, "Everything is possible". Visit again!

      Dana :)


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