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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~ Winston Churchill

Train With the BEST "Danny Serratelli"
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by Dana R. Arevalo

I've always loved to watch boxing as a young girl with my dad and sis. Not knowing much about the sport, my sister and I used to pick the winner of the match based upon whether we liked their shorts. Cute. The truth, I've always admired the endurance and power fighters have possessed. While desire may come natural one must have a bad-ass trainer to lead the way. Want to fight? Check Danny out, he is as bad-ass, as they come. Let's find out more:

Always a "boxer" at heart, Danny used to watch boxing from a young age with his grandfather, dad, uncles, and brother. Today, his dreams are reality, beginning to train and fight since a child, he is now not only a criminal lawyer you can find him most nights training as he founded Brick City Boxing in (2004) and is still going strong. I asked him, "Which boxer motivated him the most or who was the most influential?" Danny answered, "It is difficult....just to pick one, but Arturo Gatti stands out in my mind."

Danny trained with Arturo when he started out in boxing gyms like Costellos in Paterson and Gleasons in Brooklyn. Danny trains WITH amateur and professional fighters who have fought all over the country. Let him take your boxing or MMA career to the next level: Brick City Training

More Q & A:

1) What led you to become a boxing coach?

Boxing has always been my passion from a young age. My Dad, grandfather, brother and I would watch all the fights and discuss them. As kids, my brother and I boxed each other and some of the neighborhood kids. It was a family affair, I have many memories and stories.

2) Have you ever stopped training or faced any obstacles/injuries?

I've never gave up boxing, however, I went to college for a BA in Psychology and Law School for a JD. I am admitted to the NJ bar.

I've had both injuries and obstacles, however, they NEVER kept me from boxing. At the age of 18, I was in a near fatal car crash, when a train hit my car, I was badly injured, to say the least. I have had several injuries (both in and out of the ring) breaking my nose (several times) and both of my hands were broken and injured more than once.

I feel that I am a good coach because of my experience in many gyms training with many world class trainers and fighters for several years. I had some good mentors and I realized early on that the combination of very ordinary skills, mistakes and injuries led me towards focusing on coaching and mentoring fighters.

3) Where do you train your students?

The organization is Brick City Boxing Team, so we utilize different gyms. We train in several gyms in Newark, as well as Clifton Martial Arts Academy, Ultimate MMA in Bloomfield and several others. We also hit the Colosseum to work with my strength and conditioning specialist, Samad Haq.

4) Who would be the ultimate boxing candidate?

The "ultimate" boxing candidate is an individual that really wants to learn, practice, and absorb everything like a sponge. Someone passionate and tough, someone who tries their best, and follows directions with a never give up attitude. It is also important to have a trainer who will make you train and practice, someone who makes you want to work harder and makes you feel like your going to prevail.

5) Who are some known fighters and trainers who you have trained with and learned from over the years?

Right now, my main guy is Alex "The Brick City Bullet" Perez. I've known Alex since we were kids and he is like a younger brother to me. It is nice to see someone you care about and train with - WIN.

My coaches were good ones and I have picked up a lot from different coaches in different gyms over the years. My coaches have included Jose Rosario, Oscar Suarez, Samad Haq, Diego Rosario, and Rick Ray Taylor. I've trained in the same gyms as Tommy Parks, Tommy Brooks, Teddy Atlas, Hector Roca and many others and I have always studied people and learned a lot in the gym over the years.

6) Name some of your all-time favorite fighters:

Arturo Gatti, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Hagler, Vinny Paz, and probably Tommy Hearns and Roy Jones. I can name a ton, but those are 6 I watched in my lifetime.

7) What are the benefits to boxing and MMA training from an exercise standpoint?

It is the best! It builds CONFIDENCE, core, well-rounded strength and endurance. I feel my routine has saved my back and kept me from having serious problems. Over the years doctors have told me I couldn’t run, lift, train, box etc. This has allowed me to develop my own approach and technique to keeping myself limber. My back is better now than it was years ago from consistently doing my routine.

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Thanks, Danny, I appreciate your time in allowing me to conduct this interview. You are genuinely motivated and passionate about what you do. This attitude has allowed you to become extremely successful - very admirable. I, personally, am going to come and take a class. Sounds like a lot of fun. Who's in?



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