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Hey Ladies!

Think you are too cute to get sweaty? Your wrong. I found a perfect way to look cute before and after working out. There should be NO EXCUSE not to participate in some type of physical activity. 

A woman once told me that she couldn't workout because she just had her hair done....BAD excuse.... Part your hair and make braids! After workout you can wash your hair braids and all. You can also take the braids out wash your hair and put them back in.  Let them air dry you will have adorable hair the next morning.

Braids :)

Curls :)

Again, I cannot emphasize how important it is to participate in some type of exercise at LEAST three times per week.  There are NO excuses.  Have any beauty tips to share?  Please comment on this entry. 

Thank you for stopping in! 

Have an amazing week.


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  1. Aside from that, sweating helps your hair and skin. You remove toxins while you sweat, which will result in healthier hair, skin and nails as long as you're well hydrated. More of a reason to work out. :)

    1. Hey There,

      All the more reason to sweat!

      Let's do it!



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