Happy One Year - Got Fat?!!!

Action is the foundational key to all success ~ Pablo Picasso

Happy One Year!!!
by DRA
It all started with a decision last May. The decision was to begin a log with all of my feelings, thoughts, and ideas about fitness and exercise.  I wanted to motivate myself and others, even if I only reached out to one person along the way I would feel success. Motivated toward fitness and success this was my first post:  Healthy BBQ Tips - Memorial Weekend 2011.

I truly enjoyed writing that entry and I have enjoyed writing ever since.  I couldn't have done it without loyal followers, guest bloggers, guest blog interviews, those who commented and contributed as authors.  Got Fat? started with a small amount of visitors in May/June: May 2011, 250 visitors and June 2011, 670 hits.  These numbers continued to steadily rise each month and now we have approximately 2,000 or more visitors per month.  Our largest month was March 2012, at 3,687 hits. 

Motivation for exercise seems to be the most sought out information and with that Got Fat? will be changing our address to something that reflects motivation and inspiration.  At times we need that extra push to get ourselves to the gym or our activity.   We are here to motivate and inspire you and share our results, ideas, and anything that is going to help you move that extra step in a positive direction toward your goal.

The name change will take place during the first week of June.  I didn't get many responses to the name change survey but have decided it is a must, I want to attract more visitors to the site and have some new and exciting ideas.  Currently, I have two steady contributing authors - Jennifer & Tai and am looking to expand.

I will be back in June ready to help you every step of the way!

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

With much love and appreciation,
Dana xo

If you are serious about fitness and would like to be a guest blogger and contributing author - let's talk - danaarev@gmail.com.


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