Healthy Eating Idea for Breakfast

If I have a weakness it's food. This is not a secret. If I ate perfectly I would have reached my goals months ago. But, hey, no one is perfect. On the same note, it's not an excuse. What I truly mean is strive to be your best but if you make mistakes learn from them don't dwell. Understand and know what you are doing wrong and make changes. And, never give up! 

As far as food goes. I've always loved oatmeal however, my hand has been a little heavy when it came to brown sugar. Well I ran out of brown sugar and decided why not add fruit. Instant oatmeal is not good either. Use natural old fashioned Quaker oats. No excuses. It's inexpensive. Strawberries with oatmeal is my new breakfast for the next several's delicious!

Have a great week!


  1. I love doing oatmeal with fruit, nuts and seeds to boost the protein. Yes it boosts the fat, but the healthy fat.. so just cut it out somewhere else. It also helps with iron since sunflower seeds are pretty high in iron. :)

  2. Hi,

    Oatmeal rocks :0). And, I see that you are juicing...a great article, hint, hint.

    Thanks for your comment.
    ~ D

  3. I love to mash a ripe banana into my oatmeal. Makes it super sweet!

    1. Moss,

      Thank you, I appreciate your comment. I tried bananas in my oatmeal yesterday. Not ripe but regular and it was yummy. Thanks for the tip.



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