Helpful Fitness Tips for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Helpful Fitness Tips for Cancer Patients and Survivors
by David Haas

Getting fitness routines to fit into a daily or weekly schedule can be a challenge for anyone; but it can be especially challenging for a person who is undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, surgery treatments, or even mesothelioma treatments. When a person has cancer or is recovering and in remission, chances are, the person may be experiencing severe bouts of anxiety, decreased energy levels, and extreme mood swings.

When a disease like cancer attacks the body, more than just the cancerous portion of the body is affected. Mental, physical, and emotional changes occur as a person undergoes treatments for cancer. Fitness is a great way to combat depression, resist decreasing energy levels, and to get physically stronger.

Getting fit is a good idea for anyone who could use a lifestyle change to incorporate more exercise and a better diet into their schedules. However, people with cancer, or people who are recovering from cancer stand to face many more benefits than just losing weight and getting their bodies into shape. Cancer treatments can have a dramatic impact on the way a person feels and coping with treatments, life issues, and stress can be a major challenge for cancer patients and recent remission individuals.

There are numerous exercises that are tailored just for cancer patients. Cancer patients can consider specialty aerobics and dance routines, as well as stretching and yoga exercises that have been specifically developed to help people struggling with cancer to gain the most benefits possible from exercise. These tailored routines are an option and there are also common, mild forms of exercise that can also do a great deal of good for someone whose body and mind has been somewhat ravaged by the disease.

Walking and bicycling are great ways to get outdoors, enjoy fresh air, have companionship during exercising, and to get the body moving. Even mild forms of exercise can rise up the energy in a person and help an individual to have lifted spirits and to begin toning and strengthening muscles that have been neglected due to the illness and ongoing treatments.

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center has many resourceful articles that explain in detail the benefits of healthy fitness routines for cancer patients and recent survivors. Increasing stamina and endurance will provide a person with a better ability to cope with the strenuous treatments and the side effects of the illness.

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