Pep Talk: TGI/WF

"Happiness depends upon ourselves" - Arisotle

Pep Talk: Thank God I'm/We're Fabulous
by DRA

In three weeks GF will be one years old!  I am super excited. 

If you have not done so, I please ask that you take our name change survey.  GF is pretty much geared toward changing our name to something with a motivational twist.  I admit I have been slacking on the posts over the past two weeks but thank goodness for Tai and Jen, they are a great help. 

With that said, I need to give myself a pep talk that I hope everyone benefits from. 

Excuses, we all have them, never use them. I could have been in amazing shape right now.  I am in great shape,  but I feel that I can do better.  Always strive for that extra mile.  I stopped the gym because I felt I was over doing it, when in reality I wasn't.  I am prepared to incorporate the gym back into my routine and in the next four  to eight weeks I want to see results. 

The important part is that I never give up.  I make changes, I have been kickboxing and running.  Now it is time to add a light weight no less than 15/20 pounds push/pull routine with extra abs back in.  I have decided to do this minus the legs.  My legs are still super sore from running and kickboxing.  Everyone should know my feelings about abs by now....they are for people whom are super serious about exercise.  My abs are there, I am going to make them come out.  So going forward I am going to blog once per week about my abs and my feelings about weight training, kickboxing, running, and of course motivation!  We need motivation to achieve our goals, always. week:  Tai talks about motivation and pending interviews! 

Remember - you are fabulous always!

With love,
Dana xo

Take survey :), please. 

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