Common Mistakes for Failure

"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Common Mistakes for Failure
by DRA

Speaking from experience, we all have some type of fear.  Many fail to realize that we have a choice, we can give into the fear and allow it to take over or we can face the fear and with practice and patience it will eventually diminish. 

Mistake 1:  People give up.  They allow the fear to debilitate them based upon how they feel....they do not "think" rationally.  At times the fear is so strong they are unable to think rationally.  Never give up! 

Mistake 2:  People make mistakes and DO NOT learn from them.  Mistakes are not bad. Again it is HOW one deals with the experience.  If they continually make the same mistakes they are not focused. 

Mistake 3:  They become impatient because results do not show fast.  Fitness results do not happen overnight.  It takes hard work, dedication, and a HEALTHY diet.  For this past year, while I lost body fat and inches, I have not been eating completely healthy.  I am happy to report I have changed that.  You can too.  Once you begin to eat healthy you no longer crave "unhealthy" food.  Besides you are allowed to have "cheat" meals once per month or week depending upon how strict of a regimen you follow. 

Mistake 4:  They make the excuse that they do not have the TIME. This is an excuse.  When you have a goal or a dream you must focus and remain determined.  Making time is always possible. 

Mistake 5:  They think they cannot do it.  They block their mind from learning a new exercise, or activity.  You can do anything that you set your mind to.  Of course you aren't going to like every exercise or activity.  Try one that fits you!  Practice makes perfect. 

Always remember small steps reach big goals.  It will also take time to adjust your thinking and mind set.  I, like many, at times, do not want to exercise.  It helps to think of exercise as making your body healthier and the way you want it to look.  Don't think of it as a chore, but as something that makes you look and feel better.  Personally, after every exercise session, even when I "drag" myself, I feel awesome. 

Thanks for stopping in and remember - let's learn from our mistakes!  You can be successful! 

Warm Regards,

Never give up on your dreams!


  1. Mistake#2 definitely hit me head-on. No matter who, may it be my college math teacher, my fitness trainer, my mother, or my ex-girlfriend they all say that I never learn. But I'm gonna be different this time!

    1. Niko,

      Thank you for dropping in. Mistakes and excuses are easy :), I have had my share. You are allowed to make mistakes, just try to get yourself on a routine and you will not regret it!

      Best wishes for success,
      Dana :)


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