Fitness Blogs to Visit: Dana's Picks

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Fitness Blogs to Visit: Dana's Picks
by DRA

Good Morning.

A normal practice that I follow is searching the internet for motivational quotes, pictures, and sites to follow.  Why?  It's very inspirational and motivating.  It keeps me motivated to eat healthy and stay fit.  I am happy to report I got on the scale this morning and my healthy eating has paid off!  I lost six pounds during the past 3 to 4 weeks.  That's not the point of today's entry, however, I thought I share, anything is POSSIBLE.  I am going to share with everyone some of my favorite fitness blogs. They are listed in no specific order.   

Diana Chaloux Diana is the fitness model above. She is in amazing shape.  Diana is committed to fitness she has been featured in several shows and magazines.  I believe she is most well known for being WBFF Figure World Champion and Pro Fitness Model World Champion.   Check her out. 

Everyday Health I found this great site through Twitter and Google Plus+.  It features all different types of health information.  It is a great resource on anything from nutrition and exercise to diabetes and acne.  It's a MUST see. 

Exercise Works!  Another site that I visit often. I stumbled upon this site through Twitter. They are very active and responsive on Twitter.  They feature personal training and fitness information and also help organizations in spreading the message that exercise if for EVERYONE. 

 Jennifer Peele Beachbody consultant who offers excellent advice on working out and staying healthy.  Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge on body transformation, as she herself followed her own plan.  I also have the pleasure of networking with Jennifer, as she shares a post weekly on 365 days of health and fitness.  Visit her today! 

Franklin Antonian from iBodyFit.  Not only is he in great shape, he is a fitness writer who provides readers with information daily.  Visit his site for daily fitness motivation and inspiration.  FREE WORKOUTS on the site.  Another MUST visit! 

These sites and individuals keep me motivated, I plan to continue to visit them often.  I enjoyed doing this post and plan to feature Dana's Picks on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Enjoy your day!

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    1. Share It Fitness,

      I visited and I like what I see. I got you next month ;).

      Thanks for visiting,

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    Just found you through Link Referral(:
    Mind checking out my lifestyle blog True Blue Abbi, reviewing it, and publicly following if you like it?

    Thanks so much,
    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

    1. Hi Abbi,

      Thanks for visiting :). Yes, I will visit and follow. I am sure it is great. Would you please do the same?

      Dana xo

  3. This is wonderful. I am not quite familiar with the internet, but I beleive that what I just read is some good material. Thanks for continuing to write such wonderful articles. God bless.

  4. Dr. Dabbs,

    Thank you for your generous comments! Please do visit again.
    Would love to interview you for the blog. If interested, please email me at

    Thanks a million!


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