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"It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual." - Allen Klein 
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by DRA

I love pictures.  I enjoy looking at different foods, mostly healthy foods, people, and the different things that people post on the application, Instagram.  For the past couple of weeks, I have been eating healthy oatmeal for breakfast, yummy salads for lunch, yogurt and fruit for snacks, and just taking an overall more healthy approach to eating.  I take pictures and share with the world in an effort to have people say, "Hey, that looks healthy and delicious, I am going to make that!". 

I wanted to offer the readers an opportunity to follow 365 Days of Health and Fitness on Instragram.  It helps when you see something visually, it can motivate or inspire you.  It also gives users the opportunity to discuss similar likes and interests, it's very fun and interactive.  You can also post your results.  People cheer you on and support you.  I am also considering the possibility of hosting a fitness picture contest.  Stay tuned! 

Follow today on Instagram, don't wait, it's fun and motivating.  FOLLOW: @badashll24. 

Thanks for reading.
Enjoy your weekend! 

With love and appreciation,
Dana xo


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