Healthy Breakfast Ideas in June

Healthy Breakfast Ideas in June
by DRA

Good Morning. 

Today is a good day to start changing your eating habits or share some of your healthy eating habits with us.  Eating healthy doesn't cost more. To prove this, I went to the supermarket on Saturday and spent some time looking around.  I was able to purchase, fruits, vegetables, salad, Greek yogurt, chicken breast, ice pops and other essential items.  I spent under $30.00.  I was actually surprised, but it can be done. 

I have been active the entire year, I do see a significant change and while I am fit, I personally can do better.  My biggest mistake is my nutrition. While I have been eating better, I can eat even better.  I had this in mind while I was shopping.  I have been avoiding cookies and chocolate, refraining from buying those items for awhile, however, if I go somewhere, like a friends house, and it is offered to me, I do indulge a little.  I haven't been eating the right things to make me stay full. 

While it has only been a couple days, I am doing better and feel better and plan to look better soon, as well.  Sunday's breakfast consisted of 3/4 cup of plain oatmeal cooked with low-fat milk.  It was very simple, the plain oatmeal can be found in Costco or your local grocery store.  You can use the stove top directions or the microwave.  I am a huge fan of oatmeal, however, I used to add brown sugar or went for the instant packaged oatmeal - a huge NO!  The brown sugar is not needed when you add natural fruits.  In the picture above I added in bananas and strawberries, it was very good. 

Today, I decided to have egg-whites (3) with a side of plain Greek yogurt mixed with strawberries and bananas.  I was never a fan of plain yogurt, but I have to say adding fresh fruit to it has changed my mind.  I loved it. 

Eating healthy is not difficult.  If you want results, you need to eat healthy.  I know by modifying how I eat, my results are not far behind me.  Results will come faster if you change your eating habits, please keep this in mind.

Stay tuned for more posts this week. Please let me know if you like our new format.  I am enjoying it so far. 

Thanks for visiting. 

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