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Have you ever entered a gym and noticed how all the women are on cardiovascular machines and most men are lifting weights! I find that so interesting. I also notice most women only spend time on aerobic machines and leave! I hope they are lifting too! Well... I'm getting off track...I'll talk about weight training some other time! Today I would like to share with you my notes on the benefits and risks of each Aerobic machine!

Benefits from Cycling
  • It can burn up to 900 calories per hour
  • Conditions your legs and cardiovascular system.
  • Less stress on the joints of your body
  • Almost everyone can ride a bicycle.

Benefits From Rowing
  • Machine works your upper body, as well as your lower body
  • Rowing stroke is composed of 65% to 75% leg work and 25% to 35% arm work
  • Considerable demand on the muscular system
  • Attaining an overall body workout while simultaneously developing aerobic fitness
  • Less stress on your skeletal system (you should lift weights to gain stronger bones if focused on Rowing for cardio)
  • RISK- poor form while rowing often develop lower back pain

Independent-action- Stair Climbing machine
  • Time efficient
  • Required time for increase aerobic fitness is only 15 min a day!
  • “You can enable your neurological and musculoskeletal systems to synergistically react to the demands of the exercise without over-stressing your skeletal joints” (Fitness: the Complete Guide
  • RISK- Dependent-action stair climbing machines expose your knees, hips and low back to levels of stress

  • Caters to your needs with adjustable incline and resistant levels
  • Easier to run on a treadmill then outside
  • Everyone knows how to run
  • Conditions your Cardiovascular system without wear and tear on your muscles.
  • Risk- Stress on skeletal system

Each aerobic machine benefits a person in different ways. It all depends on your fitness goals! For example, a bodybuilder would enjoy stair climbing because he/ she is able to enhance his/her aerobic fitness and build leg muscle. But if you are a Triathlete you would want to use a treadmill or rowing because it doesn't condition your legs, you'll be able to run longer.

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