Food Labels, Hidden Ingredients, & Serving Size

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper" ~ Adelle Davis

Food Labels - Beware

Before I began my weight loss journey, I rarely paid attention to food labels, ingredients, and serving size.  Wrong choice!  Deciding to check the back of a bag of potato chips one day changed my eating habits for the better.  It is not my intention to discourage or ruin your day or appetite but take a glance at the food label of your favorite food or snack, it may change your mind about the quantity you are about to consume.  If you are trying to watch what you eat, this will help.  The more you look at the labels the more of a good habit it becomes.  Many beverages, also have serving sizes and when one goes to drink something and they do not realize that the serving size is 2 1/2  - they just drank 2 1/2 times the calories, 2 1/2 times the sugar etc.  

My favorite cookies hands down are Oreos and double-stuffed at that.  Just say, I decided to eat half the bag (I've been there in the past).

One serving size is only 2 cookies!  2 cookies are equal to 150 calories.  Suppose someone eats half of the bag of 18 servings that would be 1,350 calories, 126 grams of sugar, and 63 grams of fat.  I don't need to say anymore.  I knew it was bad but had I looked at the label beforehand, I would have steered clear.  Today, I do not purchase Oreos or any food that I feel that I will overindulge. 

Let's also look at the label information for a beverage. 


This is a label from a regular 8 ounce Gatorade bottle.  If you quickly glance at it you see that it is only 50 calories.  The key is to find the serving size.  For this particular bottle it is 4.  Therefore, the entire bottle is not 50 calories, it is 200 calories with 56 grams of sugar.  Think twice before purchasing beverages.  Water is always the best choice! 

Last but not least, hidden ingredients.  I found this excellent video on healthy foods that could actually be unhealthy.  Ingredients are hidden under diverse names.  For example, the nutritionist stated that sugar is listed in different forms such as high fructose corn syrup.  If the food manufacturer did not hide the sugar, they would have to list sugar as the first ingredient and no one would purchase the item.  Also avoid processed foods! 

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  1. Its very interesting to see and read about these types of Food Ingredients, it's important to avoid this much sugar etc.

  2. House of Flavours,

    Thank you for commenting on this post! Sugar is something to steer clear of. It is difficult because it is often hidden. I may do a post on the different names that sugar has. Would like to know more about "House of Flavours" if you have a chance please email me at

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