Muscle Weigh More?


Does muscle weigh more than Fat?

Yes and no!

No because if you take a pound of fat and a pound of muscle they will weigh the same. =P

YES muscle weighs more if you took a handful of muscle and a handful of fat, the muscle would show a higher number on the scale.

Muscle is more dense than fat! It weighs more by volume. So……

If you happened to have gained a few pounds and your waist line is smaller you could have gained some muscle mass. But that’s only if you have been training hard with an increase of protein in your diet. Note- when eating healthy and training without supplements, an average person only gains a few (less than 10 pounds) of muscle mass a year!

IF you have gained a few pounds and your waist line is a few inches bigger, your fat cells could have become larger or you could be retaining water.

There are so many factors that could affect the results on the scale which is why you shouldn’t focus too much on what the scale says. Even when we are gaining muscle mass the body will store 2-6 lbs of glycogen which is 75% of water the in muscle tissue.

Have you also noticed the 2-5 pound increase or decrease throughout the day? Have you also noticed the scale is higher after a meal or lower after working out (water weight)? The scale is also lower after not eating for day. The scale doesn’t tell you the amount of FAT you lose or the amount of Muscle you gain.

So my advice/ what I think about using the scale.

Everyone is different. Some people find motivation when they weigh themselves every day. Checking your weight everyday can help people keep track and motivated on their weight loss program. Some people see it helpful as other may see it annoying.

I think the scale is a helpful tool which helps us base our progress but I don’t think it should be the only tool we use. I think you should use the scale and your measurements to base your progress during your fitness journey.

Other Tools Include
Measuring your body fat
calculate how many calories you need  
determine what is your personal healthy weight
For accurate reading when using the scale - When using the scale= every single time you weight yourself, weigh yourself in the morning wearing the same thing or naked and base your progress with those numbers only.  
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