An Interview with I Put the Fork Down

by Dana R. Arevalo

I am so excited to present my interview with Tyler Porter from the inspirational and motivational site I Put the Fork Down!  He along with Kody Roth run the unique site, as they allow individuals to show the world their weight loss progress.  All of the stories are truly amazing.  
1)  Tell us what "inspired" you to create "I Put The Fork Down"?

By no means are we health experts. We come from a background of music. Music has always been a passion. With that being said, Kody and I left our positions at a record label we were working at. Both of us for different reasoning. Kody's being, wanting to explore and try new things. Mine being health related issues, waking up to find my left hand able to move(paralysis - hopefully temporary). This was around May of this year. With both of us out jobs, we were inclined to start something new and different than we ever had before. We both wanted to be able make a difference in whatever we did. As both Kody(loosing 90 lbs) and I(loosing 100) have constantly been on a journey of a better healthy living, we put our heads together to come up with Our intentions are for people to share, inspire & motivate. This is still very new, we are figuring out the direction as we go.
2)  How many days per week would you suggest one should exercise?

I find it important to get out and exercise every day. Even if its just to walk your dog. While exercising is good for your physical health it does wonders for your mental health as well.
3)  What is your advice if someone feels overwhelmed and as if they want can no longer "keep the fork down"?

Well, what worked for me was to go look in the mirror. Today's failures are tomorrows problems or today's successes are tomorrows accomplishments. You don't gain weight overnight, so don't expect to loose it overnight. No one is perfect and no one will ever be. But you can sure strive for it.

4)  To date, what has been the most touching story that you have featured?

All of the stories that are submitted are inspirational in their own ways. To pick and choose what may inspire me does not necessarily mean it would be as inspirational to the next person. That's what makes our website, all sorts of different folks who are inspired & inspire in their own ways. A story is not about how the wide range audience relates, it's about you as an individual relate. Every individual who relates makes the wide range audience. Make sense?
Tyler, that makes perfect sense and I am happy I asked this question.  I agree with you, each story brings something diverse to the table, all of the individuals should be extremely proud of their accomplishments. In general, to be inspired something or someone has to catch your attention and motivate you. Make you feel like you have the drive to be successful.  You must have, in a way, a connection that makes you want to move forward towards your goal.  ~ Dana  
5)  Where can fans follow you?
Instagram: @iputtheforkdown
6)  What is your favorite motivational quote and "why"?

"Life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you deal with it."
I find this motivational because we are faced with decisions, big and little everyday. How we deal with these decisions will affect our lives in the long run. Will I eat that quart of ice cream or not?
Tyler, again, I truly appreciate the opportunity to find out more about "I Put the Fork Down", it is a brilliant name and concept, which is definitely motivating many people.  In whatever direction you chose to take it,  I wish both you and Kody much success.  I sure hope everything works out with your hand.  


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