Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Bonus Post

by Dana R. Arevalo

Hello.  I am delighted to deliver some exciting news to you today. Have you ever visited the doctor to find they cannot locate your chart? It is embarrassing for the physicians office or facility when this happens.  At times charts can get misfiled or lost if not properly filed or organized.  Medical Records Software could be the answer. 
Many hospitals, doctors offices,  and Long Term Care facilities utilize this method as it easier to look up patient data with Electronic Medical RecordsI know firsthand all about losing patient charts in a busy office.    I worked in a hospital for approximately eleven years. Most often the chart was found on the physicians desk or with a nurse for review.  Having an electronic system is better for the patient, doctor, and facility.  The medical staff will be able to simultaneously use the medical record, saving time. 

EMR allows physicians to make crucial decisions remotely.  This is important in the case of patient emergencies.  Having the medical records at their fingertips will allow for faster decisions.  One additional thought, EMR also helps physicians catch up on discharge summaries and avoid suspension due to being overwhelmed with paperwork. EMR are extremely efficient! 

Thank you for visiting today. 

Please note that this message is brought to you by our friends at Optimus EMR.


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