Fit your Feet with Comfort and Style

by Dana R. Arevalo

Are you a runner?  Do you exercise? No matter what you do daily, wearing comfortable shoes or sneakers are important. I know firsthand.  I made a huge mistake purchasing sneakers that were not comfortable, my shins paid for it.  Once I replaced my sneakers the pain diminished. 

I have found a solution, Schuler Shoes.  Schuler Shoes carries footwear for Men, Women, and Children.  I have my eye on their Women's New Balance walking shoes. You will find colorful designs tailored to your preferences for running, walking, etc. 

Schuler shoes are experts in helping the citizens of Minneapolis find comfortable footwear since the late 1800s. They promise to "Fit your Feet with Style". Don't worry if you do not live close to one of their eight locations, you can visit them online at They also have a special clearance section online.   

Do not wait, as they currently have Back to School specials.  


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