Fitness Alphabet

"Never give up on something that you cannot go a day without thinking about" ~ Unknown

by Dana R. Arevalo

Be creative. Think of words or ideas that motivate and lead you to a healthy and active lifestyle. We all should know by now fitness is a way of life. Very often people are only temporarily motivated to work out for an event. Incorporate fitness into your life and it will be good to you! 

A ~ Accountability hold yourself accountable for your actions.  If you promised yourself to exercise 3 times per week, push yourself and follow-through. 

B ~ Brave no matter how many negative thoughts try to seep in, be BRAVE.  Have the courage to be successful in everything that you do. 

C ~ Creativity  be creative always.  Some times we seriously do not have time to exercise, we may not be feeling well, we  may have an emergency, etc. Cannot get to the gym? On vacation?  Create an alternative plan for the day or longer when necessary!  

D ~ Diet Don't diet.  Diets are temporary.  Follow a healthy eating plan forever.  It becomes a good habit! 

E ~ Eat Eat often.  Eat small meals throughout the day, it is said doing so speeds up your metabolism. 

F ~ Fat-free is not necessarily healthy.  Always check your food labels for hidden sugars and other unhealthy ingredients. 

G ~ Goals set small goals.  Remember, nothing is to small.  Small steps add to huge outcomes. 

H ~ Happiness Be happy. Find the good in the bad.  Something as minimal as smiling can make someones day. 

 I ~ Inspire  Inspire others.  Inspiring others brings about greatest feeling in the world.  Look for inspiration in others, as well.

J ~ Just ask Need help with something?  Do not understand how to do an exercise?  Want to know what type of meal that is best? Ask someone, they will be happy to share!

K ~ Kickbox Kickboxing is my favorite exercise.  It is a super fun group exercise and extremely motivating.  Many gyms offer it.  Try a class, you will be hooked! 

L  ~ Learn to keep an open mind.   It takes a certain amount of time to get used to cooking, eating, exercising.  Learn all that you can...practice makes perfect. 

M ~ Moderation Everything in moderation. We do not get rid of cravings, we "control" them.  You are allowed to eat your favorite food at least once per week.  We are human we cannot cut ourselves off from the world. 

N ~ Nutrition Learn as much as you can about nutrition.  Understanding how to read food labels and what to look for when eating healthy is important.  What you think is very healthy may be completely unhealthy! 

O ~ Own it! Own everything you do.  It will motivate you to success.  Going to eat healthy? Own it - make awesome healthy creations.  Give it your all.

P ~ Prepare/Pre-plan  prepare or pre-plan meals ahead of time.  At least, have an idea of what you will eat for the week. It will allow you to buy necessary items and make healthier choices. 

Q ~ Quick when deciding to leave the house/work  to attend the gym or participate in an activity leave quickly.  Do not give yourself enough time to make excuses.  Go!! If you wait you will eventually talk yourself out of leaving the house.    

R ~ Reflect and Refocus this is necessary so you do not become discouraged.  Learn from mistakes and never be afraid to admit them. Embrace change for a better outcome.   

S ~ Show-off Be proud of your accomplishments.  Show off, you will feel good about yourself as you reach goals.  Hey, if you got it, flaunt it. 

T  ~ Time Make time for yourself.  Whether it be to buy lunch for yourself once a week or read a book, do it.  You are important, treat yourself that way. 

U ~ Unmask your inner desires.  Be you ~ who cares about judgement! 

V ~ Visualize what you want in life and when you believe it will come to you.  Visualize your ideal body, your ideal life. 

X ~ Xerox share with others. Share your thoughts and ideas so that they can "copy" you.  They will follow in your footsteps. 

Y ~ Yawn allow yourself to get enough sleep.  Sleeping is healthy at least 8 hours of sleep per day. 

Z ~ Zoom-In on fitness.  Concentrate and focus. 


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