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 "Fear is what stops you... courage is what keeps you going." -Unknown

Dana's Fitness Blog Pick

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for coming to visit the blog today.  Blogging has become trend.  There are probably thousands of blogs with many diverse topics.  I enjoy blogging because I truly love to motivate people and share ideas with others.  It is also a way to hold myself accountable. Today I want give recognition to another fitness blog.  Bloggers take their time to share their ideas and at times personal stories about their lives. 

The blog I chose contains excellent fitness advice from a woman named "Melinda".  I like this blog because it is packed with great fitness information.  The main reason for choosing  Melinda's blog  was my admiration for her enthusiasm and dedication to fitness. Another fact is she too loves to motivate people (even if it is only one person) - she has over 700 Facebook followers!  Go Mindi!   It seems that she has committed herself to fitness since 2008 and is still going strong!  See for yourself visit MELINDA today! 

Special thanks to all BLOGGERS! Thank you for what you do! 

Have a wonderful day....! 
Dana :)

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